Organize Your Desktop Icons with Fences

Are you tired of your messy windows desktop filled with lots of unorganized icons? It’s a real pain in the neck each time you need to find the document or folder in such an untidy desktop. But the awesome icon organizer tool, Stardock Fences, can make the life much easier for those who spent most of their time on computers. After installing Fences you can easily arrange your icons into categorized containers and even hide all of them by double clicking on the desktop.

Some other features of  this must-have desktop customization tool are as below:

  • Easy access to the settings panel by right clicking on your desktop to customized the look and feel of containers
  • Take and restore snapshots of your Fence layouts for backup
  • Drag and drop interface to create boxes and arranging the icons in them

Fences comes in two free and pro versions and is available for Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 or Vista in both 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

Download Stardock Fences

Check out the following video tutorial to find how Fences works:


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