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Awesome Clock & Sand Desktop (Mac Showcase)

This gorgeous clock that stands behind a sandy mountain is a good example to show the capabilities of Geektool for Mac OS X desktops. Flickr user Europevagabond has created this desktop  using White Sands Pack for the wallpaper  and this “Desert and Sand” video tutorial:


Minimal Glasspanel Desktop (Windows Showcase)

Using Blend 2.0 for Windows 7 theme, Gauss Aqua Wallpaper and modifying Omnimo 3.1 for Rainmeter , Flickr user lordalpha1 has created this awesome minimalistic Windows 7 Desktop . to accomplish this he has also modified to the background.ini, weather.ini and rss.ini files which resulted into this clean desktop.

Via lordalpha1

Before The Rapture (Windows Showcase)

Well! The anticipated Rapture did not happen on May 21th, but it inspired Flickr user alexajo89 to create this beautiful desktop running windows 7:

The theme used is Windows 7 Shine 2.0 theme with a turned down transparency.He has used Rainmeter tool with Uixx Big Clock and Simple Weather widget and the start button comes from Placebo theme for Windows 7.

Via alexajo89

iPad homescreen on Mac Desktop

Want to turn your MacBook or Mac desktop into an iPad? Yes it’s practically not possible because you won’t get the touch screen, but by using Flurry icon set you can bring the simplicity of an iPad to your desktop.In the above desktop customized by Ace Convict the Finder is disguised as Safari and the Trash is disguised as the iOS App Store (may look weird though!).He used  Nocturne menubar for the top dark menu of his MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Lion. Other simple tweaks used were enlarging the dock and organizing the desktop icons on a grid.

Via:  Ace Convict

Unity is Beautiful

Running Ubuntu Natty Narwhal

Via  sabbor

Ubuntu Showcase: Leafage

This fantastic screenshot is from an Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Unity Desktop.

The Wallpaper source is Leafage .Clock and System Monitor displayed by Gotham and Conky config .The bottom Dock used is Docky .

Via Lukadium

Mac Showcase: Springer Time

This was all inspired by: XLooo

The time, weather, network info, and battery status were all added using GeekTool3.

The iTunes track info is being displayed by Bowtie.

Wallpaper source Via LmCeezter