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Best iPad Wallpaper Apps and Websites

Let’s face it, iDevices are usually not that much customization friendly as a result of  Apple’s closed policies unless you are going to jailbreak them. But not all people are interested in having their iDevices jailbroken and you can even live without that for sure! There are still ways to give a shiny new look to your iPad’s both Home Screen and Lock Screen using designated apps or simply by browsing quality wallpaper websites to find the ones that match your taste. To ease this process for you here are our curated iPad apps and classy wallpaper resources for the stylishness of your iPad.

iPad Customization Apps:

Pimp Your Screen

Pimp Your Screen is one of the most popular iPad customization apps around which enables you to give your iPad a new look by choosing from a large collection of backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves, and neon combos. It also supports the Retina display for the new iPad. One good point about this app is that with its instant preview feature you don’t need to apply the changes you make each time to see how it would look on your iPad Homescreen. Pimp Your Screen‘s current version hast a 4.5 stars rating and is available to download for $0.99. (more…)