Get a Minimal Windows 7 Desktop with Glass Onion Theme

Glass Onion is an eye-catching  Minimal Windows 7 theme created by deviantArt user SolMiler which comes in three different styles:Dusk, Dawn and Noon. It inherits the glassy look of original Windows 7 user interface and adds  smoothness and simplicity to it.

It includes a set of simple yet beautiful icon set for Windows task bar(supports top, bottom and left taskbar) and also a gorgeous clock widget.

The wallpapers  you see in the preview can be downloaded from here, here and here and the icon sets from here and here.

Download this minimal theme and you can find the full installation guide in the PDF file included.

Via: SolMiler

5 Beautiful Rainmeter Clocks for Your Windows Desktop

Are you tired of  your ordinary clock gadget on your Windows desktop and want to try some fresh and stylish desktop clocks? Thanks to the powerful Windows desktop customization tool, Rainmeter, there are lots of ways to customize the desktop according to your interests. Here are our top 5 picks among the Rainmeter clocks designed by   deviantART users.

If you are not familiar with Rainmeter, read our instructions on Rainmeter for beginners first.

Loop Clock for Rainmeter:

These fantastic loop shaped analog clocks are a good example to show the power of Rainmeter in Windows desktop customization.

Download link via FreakQuency85

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Customize Your OS X Lion’s Dashboard, Mission Control and Login Screen Background Images with “Lion Designer”

Have you ever been trying to customize your Mac OS X Lion’s different design elements such as the mission control or login screen backgrounds? Sure you could do these using hacks and tricks that required a little manual file editing and replacement, but now thanks to German developer Moritz Wette, You can easily do the customization with a free app called “Lion Designer“.

Here are some of Lion Designer features:

  • Customize new Dashboard background image
  • Customize new Mission Control background image
  • Customize folder icons of the new Launchpad
  • Customize folder background of the new Launchpad
  • Customize the login screen background image
  • Change the icon (apple) at the top of the login screen
  • Customize the size of the launchpad icons
The good thing about this app is that if you made a mess of your OS X’s design, you can easily roll back to its default with a single click. For your own images, Moritz suggests that you use PNG files that have the same or greater width and height as your monitor so that no tiling occurs.

Download Lion Designer

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use the Lion Designer app.

Organize Your Desktop Icons with Fences

Are you tired of your messy windows desktop filled with lots of unorganized icons? It’s a real pain in the neck each time you need to find the document or folder in such an untidy desktop. But the awesome icon organizer tool, Stardock Fences, can make the life much easier for those who spent most of their time on computers. After installing Fences you can easily arrange your icons into categorized containers and even hide all of them by double clicking on the desktop.

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