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15+ Beautiful Conky Configs for Linux Desktops

Whether you are a Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux or any other Linux distribution user you probably have used the lovable system monitor software, Conky. Being highly configurable, Conky is capable to display any system status such as CPU , disk usage, memory, temperature , emails and etc. on your desktop in various appearances. There are lots of customized scripts and configurations available for Conky thanks to the large community of Linux developers and here are 15+ useful and gorgeous  Conky Configs you can use to give your desktop a fresh look! Click on the images to see a larger preview where possible.

Conky Clock Widget

Download and configuration settings


Ubuntu Showcase: Leafage

This fantastic screenshot is from an Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Unity Desktop.

The Wallpaper source is Leafage .Clock and System Monitor displayed by Gotham and Conky config .The bottom Dock used is Docky .

Via Lukadium