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Customize Your OS X Lion’s Dashboard, Mission Control and Login Screen Background Images with “Lion Designer”

Have you ever been trying to customize your Mac OS X Lion’s different design elements such as the mission control or login screen backgrounds? Sure you could do these using hacks and tricks that required a little manual file editing and replacement, but now thanks to German developer Moritz Wette, You can easily do the customization with a free app called “Lion Designer“.

Here are some of Lion Designer features:

  • Customize new Dashboard background image
  • Customize new Mission Control background image
  • Customize folder icons of the new Launchpad
  • Customize folder background of the new Launchpad
  • Customize the login screen background image
  • Change the icon (apple) at the top of the login screen
  • Customize the size of the launchpad icons
The good thing about this app is that if you made a mess of your OS X’s design, you can easily roll back to its default with a single click. For your own images, Moritz suggests that you use PNG files that have the same or greater width and height as your monitor so that no tiling occurs.

Download Lion Designer

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use the Lion Designer app.

iPad homescreen on Mac Desktop

Want to turn your MacBook or Mac desktop into an iPad? Yes it’s practically not possible because you won’t get the touch screen, but by using Flurry icon set you can bring the simplicity of an iPad to your desktop.In the above desktop customized by Ace Convict the Finder is disguised as Safari and the Trash is disguised as the iOS App Store (may look weird though!).He used  Nocturne menubar for the top dark menu of his MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Lion. Other simple tweaks used were enlarging the dock and organizing the desktop icons on a grid.

Via:  Ace Convict