5 Examples of Mac Os Desktop Customization using GeekTool

Among the Mac Os X desktop customization tools available, GeekTool is my favorite one. It is a really neat utility that will allow you  to run little scripts or “geeklets” to display useful informatiom such as RAM, CPU usage, calender , images and etc. on your Mac’s desktop. Here are 5 good examples of Mac desktop customization using GeekTool. Click on the images for a larger preview and follow the links for downloads ans setup configurations.

Portal 2 Themed Desktop

This beautiful GeekTool desktop, inspired by Portal 2, uses the SOG theme we previously covered on our 5 Best Mac OS X Themes. The wallpaper, icon set and GeekTool scripts for the desktop setup can be found on its creator deviantArt page.

Nature Carbon GeekTool Desktop

Green desktops are refreshing and this one created by Flickr user, TiZuNG is an example of neatly done desktop which can be inspiring. The wallpaper  is mod for Enclosed, icon set for dock is Flurry from Icon Factory and the icons for the bar of devices connected are from Pry icon set. The skin is a customized version of Bowtie Neon and all other things are done by GeekTool. Go to TiZuNG’ Flickr and hover your mouse over different items of the desktop for more description.

Onsager GeekTool Desktop

This simple but yet eye catching Mac Os desktop is completely customized by GeekTool  only for the iTunes track which is shown with Bowtie. Alex Onsager has described the full tutorial of the set up in his blog.

Perspective Clock & Calendar

This is one of the coolest ways to display the time and date on a desktop! Ian Michael Smith has developed a package with GeekTool which helps you recreate his desktop with a few clicks.This desktop comes with an application named “MobileMode” that ejects external HD’s, closes all applications, and disables Geektool to preserve battery life with one click. Get the desktop package from here and the MobileMode App here.

The SpiderMac Desktop:

Last but not least is this Spider Man inspired desktop which although does not seem very practical for everyday use, the creativity of its owner can not be ignored! You can find the GeekTool commands and other tweaks on Zack Shackleton Flickr page.

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