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Two Beautiful Mac Os X Themes Optimized for Mountain Lion

Previously we had introduced 5 great Mac OS X Themes on Desktop Spotting, but since not all of them may work well on the new Mountain Lion, here are two newly designed Mac themes which will give a fresh look and feel to your Mountain Lion desktops:

Nocturne Theme For Mountain Lion

Download Theme

White Mountain Lion Theme

Download Theme

MenuBarFilter Gives an iOS-like Dark Menu Bar to Your Mac OS X

Do you enjoy the beautiful dark  menu bar on your iPhone or iPad? Thanks to a tiny free software called MenuBarFilter you can easily turn your Mac OS X menu bar into a dark, iOS-Like one.

While this is not the only way to get a dark menu bar for Mac OS X (you can find another workaround in this GeekTool Tutorial), the good point about this Nocturne based software is that with a single click it inverts the colors of menu bar and the including widget icons to give a shiny look to your desktop. There are currently some minor issues with this software which hopefully should be solved with a new update; for example if you are running Mac OS X Lion, it might not always work perfectly in full screen apps. Also there is no way to quit the software rather than going to Activity Monitor and manually quit it from there.

MenuBarFilter Download and Installation Guide

Customize Your OS X Lion’s Dashboard, Mission Control and Login Screen Background Images with “Lion Designer”

Have you ever been trying to customize your Mac OS X Lion’s different design elements such as the mission control or login screen backgrounds? Sure you could do these using hacks and tricks that required a little manual file editing and replacement, but now thanks to German developer Moritz Wette, You can easily do the customization with a free app called “Lion Designer“.

Here are some of Lion Designer features:

  • Customize new Dashboard background image
  • Customize new Mission Control background image
  • Customize folder icons of the new Launchpad
  • Customize folder background of the new Launchpad
  • Customize the login screen background image
  • Change the icon (apple) at the top of the login screen
  • Customize the size of the launchpad icons
The good thing about this app is that if you made a mess of your OS X’s design, you can easily roll back to its default with a single click. For your own images, Moritz suggests that you use PNG files that have the same or greater width and height as your monitor so that no tiling occurs.

Download Lion Designer

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use the Lion Designer app.

GeekTool released in Mac app store

We have previously mentioned the awesome Mac desktop customization tool, Geektool, in several posts.  Fortunately the developer of this app has released GeekTool App on Mac App Store, and it had gained a lot of popularity only in a few days.

Geektool app comes with three default plugins:

  • File plugin to monitor MacOS X activity with /var/log/system.log, or any file that you want to follow.
  • Shell mode to launch custom scripts or commands like “df” to check space left on filesystems or “uptime” to monitor load on your machine.
  • Finally, image mode helps you monitor bandwith usage, CPU load, memory availability on your server with tools like MRTG or RRD.

The screenshot of Geektool on Mac App store features the Awesome Clock and Sand Desktop we had previously covered. So if you are interested in replicating this beautiful desktop check this video tutorial.

5 Examples of Mac Os Desktop Customization using GeekTool

Among the Mac Os X desktop customization tools available, GeekTool is my favorite one. It is a really neat utility that will allow you  to run little scripts or “geeklets” to display useful informatiom such as RAM, CPU usage, calender , images and etc. on your Mac’s desktop. Here are 5 good examples of Mac desktop customization using GeekTool. Click on the images for a larger preview and follow the links for downloads ans setup configurations.

Portal 2 Themed Desktop

This beautiful GeekTool desktop, inspired by Portal 2, uses the SOG theme we previously covered on our 5 Best Mac OS X Themes. The wallpaper, icon set and GeekTool scripts for the desktop setup can be found on its creator deviantArt page. (more…)

Awesome Clock & Sand Desktop (Mac Showcase)

This gorgeous clock that stands behind a sandy mountain is a good example to show the capabilities of Geektool for Mac OS X desktops. Flickr user Europevagabond has created this desktop  using White Sands Pack for the wallpaper  and this “Desert and Sand” video tutorial:


5 Best Mac OS X Themes

Not satisfied with your Mac OS X default theme or looking for something to change the look of your desktop into a clean and refreshing one that is more of your style? Here are our top 5 gorgeous themes for  you Mac OS X Desktop/Laptop (Leopard and Snow Leopard).

SOG Theme:

SOG theme is designed for Snow Leopard 10.6 which completely replaces the system user interface with its own shady interface.



iPad homescreen on Mac Desktop

Want to turn your MacBook or Mac desktop into an iPad? Yes it’s practically not possible because you won’t get the touch screen, but by using Flurry icon set you can bring the simplicity of an iPad to your desktop.In the above desktop customized by Ace Convict the Finder is disguised as Safari and the Trash is disguised as the iOS App Store (may look weird though!).He used  Nocturne menubar for the top dark menu of his MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Lion. Other simple tweaks used were enlarging the dock and organizing the desktop icons on a grid.

Via:  Ace Convict

Mac Showcase: Springer Time

This was all inspired by: XLooo

The time, weather, network info, and battery status were all added using GeekTool3.

The iTunes track info is being displayed by Bowtie.

Wallpaper source Via LmCeezter