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5 Examples of Mac Os Desktop Customization using GeekTool

Among the Mac Os X desktop customization tools available, GeekTool is my favorite one. It is a really neat utility that will allow you  to run little scripts or “geeklets” to display useful informatiom such as RAM, CPU usage, calender , images and etc. on your Mac’s desktop. Here are 5 good examples of Mac desktop customization using GeekTool. Click on the images for a larger preview and follow the links for downloads ans setup configurations.

Portal 2 Themed Desktop

This beautiful GeekTool desktop, inspired by Portal 2, uses the SOG theme we previously covered on our 5 Best Mac OS X Themes. The wallpaper, icon set and GeekTool scripts for the desktop setup can be found on its creator deviantArt page. (more…)

Mac Showcase: Springer Time

This was all inspired by: XLooo

The time, weather, network info, and battery status were all added using GeekTool3.

The iTunes track info is being displayed by Bowtie.

Wallpaper source Via LmCeezter